Atomic Absorption

With over 40 years experience and a product line that
includes flame AA systems,high-performance graphite
furnace AA systems,flexible ICP-OES systems,and the
most powerful ICP-MS systems,PerkinElmer is the
undisputed leader in inorganic analysis.We have
placed over 40,000 systems throughout the world,
performing inorganic analyses every hour of every day.
PerkinElmer is a world leader in chemical analysis.Our
analytical instrument technologies serve the rapidly
evolving pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental,
forensics, and semiconductor industries, providing
integrated solutions from sample handling and
analysis to communication of test results.




Inductively Coupled Plasma OES

Building on the success of the
TM Optima ,the worlds most
popular ICP family:
>> CCD array detectors provide fast and accurate performance
>> High-resolution spectrometers provide easier method development and greater accuracy
>> Exceptional reliability with a integrated solid-state RF generator
>> Patented Dual-view optical system ensures the widest working range
>> Stabilized optical systems eliminate peak profiling and searching,ensuring
exceptional long-term stability >> Enhanced sample throughput and performance with simultaneous background correction
>> Superior optics,excellent RF stability, and a thermostatted sample compartment make it easy to meet U.S.E.P.A.and DIN regulations
>> A full line of sampling accessories

There has never been a better time to achieve greater ICP-OES productivity and performance. Select from the models below to choose the Optima that is
right for your needs.

Inductively Coupled Plasma MS

Engineered to deliver a level of stability, flexibility and performance never before seen in an ICP-MS instrument, the NexION 300 represents the first truly significant and revolutionary industry advancement in recent memory.
For the first time ever, a single ICP-MS instrument offers both the simplicity and convenience of a collision cell and the exceptional detection limits of a true reaction cell. With this patented Universal Cell Technology (UCT), analysts can now choose the most appropriate technique for a specific sample or application. No restrictions on which gases you can use. No limits on your mass range. No compromises on how you choose to work. And no hassles switching from one mode to another. Just the promise of superior accuracy and detection limits, faster analysis times, and an easier, more customizable operator experience than with any other instrument on the market. Signal responses are kept stable hour after hour by a unique Triple Cone Interface and Quadrupole Ion Deflector. Designed to remove an unprecedented level of un-ionized material (and preventing it from entering the Universal Cell), this innovative ion path keeps the instrument clean, minimizing drift and completely eliminating the need for cell cleanings. The NexION 300. Welcome to the next generation of ICP-MS.

UV Visible

PerkinElmer provides a range of UV/Vis and
UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometers,software,
sampling accessories and services to help
you improve product quality,productivity
and analytical processes.

LAMBDAs are the preferred choice of busy teaching,materials
research and bio-research laboratories,where the PerkinElmer
name is synonymous with quality,performance and reliability.




Infrared Spectroscopy

For more than 60 years,PerkinElmer has
been a world leader in IR spectroscopy,
continually providing innovations designed to help laboratories produce accurate and
reliable results with ease.

Through industry firsts such as Absolute Virtual Instrument
(AVI) and Atmospheric Vapor Compensation (AVC) and other
patented technologies as well as in-depth IR training and unmatched service,PerkinElmer continues to deliver Infrared systems that meet your needs.
From the introduction of the industrys first IR model in 1944 through the pioneering of modular sampling systems, PerkinElmer has continually advanced the technology of FT-IR spectroscopy.Our history of innovation continues with the
Spectrum family of FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers.


Gas Chromatography

Gas chromatography started in 1952,with the seminal work of A.J.P.
Martin and A.T.James and,within a few years,it became one of the
most popular analytical techniques.PerkinElmer played a crucial role in
he development of the technique:

>> Dual-channel,real-time signal display Easy setup/method development
on the touch screen

>>Multiple-language support

>> Flexible configurations with

>>Enhanced Solvent Purge mode
integrated mass spectrometry

>> Isolation mode
headspace or thermal desorption

>> High-pressure pulse injection
and pyrolysis samplers
>> Large-volume injection

>>Temperature-programmable inlets

>> Maximize reproducibility Petrochemical analysis from Hydrogen
to Asphalt >>Pneumatic Pressure Controllers (PPC)

>>Provide accurate and highly Ozone Precursors analysis reproducible gas controls

>>Air Toxics analysis

>> GC analysis at your fingertips

>> Food and Beverage quality control

Liquid Chromatography

Are you looking to profile impurities in your sample? Or need to verify the outcome of your synthesis? Or your focus is in food safety analysis? Whether it's chemical industry, food or environmental assays, we have the solution to meet any application need. Our NEW Flexar series pumps, detectors and especially 300 SQ MS detection system combines the most efficient chromatographic separation with fast MS detection capabilities, to attain a new level of sample insight through speed, confirmatory analysis and best-in-class sensitivity. Patented technologies are utilized in the Flexar SQ 300 MS detector to enable an efficient and reliable ionization of compounds, in positive and negative mode, for complete sample information. A wide range of desolvation flows can be applied, enabling the use of non-volatile buffers and facilitating adoption of existing analytical methods to MS. Efficiency, robustness and ruggedness these are essential requirements of a mass detection system.






Thermal Analysis

PerkinElmer is the leader in high sensitivity Thermal Analysis instrumentation, providing you the confidence to achieve fast, accurate, reproducible results. Our industryleading Thermal Analysis software and extensive range of Thermal Analysis accessories combine ease of use with needed flexibility, delivering solutions for a vast array of material property analyses. In addition to our power compensation Diamond DSC, PerkinElmer offers traditional heat flux DSC's for less demanding applications. Products: -DSC 6000 -DSC 8000 -TGA 4000 -DSC 6500 -DSC 8500 -DMA 8000

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) is a technique that is widely used to characterize a material's properties as a function of temperature, time, frequency, stress, atmosphere or a combination of these parameters. The DMA 8000 dynamic mechanical analyzer is one of the most flexible, cost-effective instruments available today. With a fully rotational sample compartment and accessories you can test samples by simulating real world scenarios easily and effectively.

We are proud to introduce you to our DSC 8500. This new double-furnace DSC, features our second-generation HyperDSC technology. Now you can gain unlimited insight into the structure, properties and performance of your materials and gain the best applications capabilities in the industry. And with our newly designed autosampler, you'll be running samples faster then ever before. Give you laboratory unlimited potential with our DSC 8500.

Elemental Analysis

The PerkinElmer 2410 Series II Nitrogen Analyzer measures
the nitrogen and/or protein content in virtually any material
by an advanced combustion process based upon the classical
Dumas method.
Used primarily in the food and agricultural area, the 2410
Series II replaces the time-consuming, multi-stepped Kjeldahl
method of analyzing feeds, grains, cereals, dairy products,
fish, meats, fruits, nuts, fertilizers, plants, soils, and sediments.
Additional application areas are in the polymer and
petroleum industries.
>> Sample sizes up to 500 mgs
>> Analysis time <5 minutes
>> 60 position Autosampler
>> Wake-up and gas saver features

The PerkinElmer 2400 Series II CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer is one of the leading organic elemental analyzers on the market today. It is ideal for the rapid determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen content in organic and other types of materials. The 2400 Series II CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer is capable of operating in three modes: CHN, CHNS, and Oxygen,
is fully automated, and includes a 60 position autosampler. In addition to the instuments tried and true design features, the 2400 Series II CHNS/O System includes our intuitive, easy-to-use, EA Data Manager Software. The EA Data Manager software adds powerful capabilities that assist in streamlining your data collection and analyses.
With the PerkinElmer 2400 Series II CHNS/O
Elemental Analyzer System you can:

>> Handle a wide variety of sample types using our advanced combustion design
>> Operate in 3 modes:CHN,CHNS,and Oxygen
>> Collect and store data
>> Perform advanced calculations and/or recalculate results
>> Run queries,generate statistics,and create reports